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Temporary Disposable Email Address

Don't want to reveal your real email address? Tired of the endless stream of spam in your inbox? Temporary disposable email address for 10 minutes will become a solution of these problems.

Our reliable and free service allows to create quick temporary email address anonymously and without registration. Disposable email addresses exist for a short period of time – from 10 minutes to 10 days. Use it to create accounts on websites or to create several social media profiles and do not worry about security and anonymity.

Who needs temporary disposable email address service and why?

The service has many advantages. Probably, you know well enough about it or have some ideas, if you are on our website.

However, it is not redundant to say that temporary disposable email is extremely important:

  • If you work in SMM (social media marketing) sphere, to create several social media profiles.

  • If you do not want to use your real email address on various internet resources.

  • If you want to keep anonymity on the Internet, but some services or resources require registration.

  • If you do not want to receive spam or annoying advertising letters in your primary inbox.

  • If there is a necessity to communicate via email but you want to stay anonymous.


Thanks to the temporary email, you can keep your anonymity anytime and everywhere. For example, if you want to create an account on some forum or web-portal and you do not want to use your real email address, than Crazymailing will be perfect for you.

A way to stop spam

When creating accounts on different websites remember there is a potential risk to become a victim of hackers. Hackers can steal your personal data in a moment and use it to harm you and without your knowledge. It is very easy to infect your computer or smartphone with a virus via email, even if you have a good antivirus application. Temporary disposable email address minimizes the risk to lose personal data and provides your computer and smartphone security. Temporary email will be the best solution of this problem. It will protect you from undesirable spam and will save the full anonymity.

Forwarding emails to the real email address

We have covered the possibility to send letters from temporary email address to your real inbox. This option will be good for users who want to receive emails from different websites and want to keep their real email address in secret.

Chrome application

Install the app to your browser and enjoy temporary disposable email addresses without visiting the website itself. Just click the icon Crazymailing in the right upper corner of the browser. A window with new temporary email address will appear in a second. This window will also appear with notifications about new emails in your inbox.


Temporary email can be used for both receiving and sending letters! None but you can view the letters. Your privacy is under control.

1 account and 20 email addresses!

Authorize on the Crazymailing website through social media network you like (Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+, Twitter) and get the access to the admin panel of 20 temporary email addresses. You can delete old addresses and add new ones, prolong their existence, forward emails to your primary inbox – you can set everything according to your needs!

By the way, the service is completely free! Enjoy!